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Autopot and the attachment runs by itself.

With AutoPot's 1Pot watering systems, you can use the Aqua-Valve sensor to automatically control the watering of your plant pots. The self-sufficient systems work extremely efficiently even without electricity or regulation and deliver correspondingly good crop yields. The principle of this hydroponic system works like this: The Aqua-Valve fills the trays under the pots to the specified water level (20mm). The AutoPot system then automatically fills the pots again after the water supply has been completely used up by the plant. This watering system results in a wet-dry cycle that simply increases the yield of your plants. This way of watering pots is suitable for vegetables, fruit and herbs alike.

Ready. Set. Easy2grow!

The bottom line is that this means less work and less time with higher yields. Since the irrigation systems are modular, they can be expanded at any time. The systems operate without timers, pumps and fixed water pipes. Since no electricity is required for operation either, they can be used almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. A 6-pot system fits easily into a greenhouse with the minimum dimensions (base area): 1x1 m.

Fill with water every 100 to 400 litres. The rest regulates itself.

The water is fed from the flexitank, which has a capacity of between 100 and 400 litres depending on the system. Each pot is then optimally watered as soon as the sensor gives a signal to this effect. One set includes the plant pots (6 to 48 depending on the system size), the irrigation set, the tank, water pipes, filters and valves. The pots for the plants each hold 15 litres. This means that larger vegetable plants and even fruit can be grown with the Autopot. A similar automatic irrigation system is the Autopot Aquabox. It consists of a single plant box. If you have any questions about Autopot's autarkic irrigation systems, please contact our service hotline or our showroom staff on site.
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