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Grow Tent Accessories

Healthier and higher yielding crops with Growland grow accessories

Growbox accessories are a collection of products used to make growing plants easier and better.

Plant nets from Growland

One of the most important accessories for plants is the plant net. This net is used to protect the plants from wind and rain, thus providing them with the best possible growing conditions. Above all, it ensures healthy and straight growth of the plants and protects them from bending under head load.

Plant yoyos from Growland

Another gadget for plants is the plant yoyo. This small device is used to keep plants in an upright position while growing. It is especially useful for plants that grow quickly and reach a great height, as the plant yoyo prevents them from bending over or being damaged.

Drying nets for harvesting

The drying net is used to dry the crop. It is used to remove excess moisture from the plants after harvesting. Drying with a drying net prevents fungal spores and mould growth, resulting in a higher quality harvest.
Overall, grow accessories help plants thrive optimally and guarantee a bountiful harvest.

Whether you use plant nets, plant yo-yos or drying nets, it is important to choose the right accessories for your plants' needs to ensure successful growth.

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