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Lighting Accessories

All for lamp on to lamp off.

In this section you will find lamp accessories such as lighting control devices, light rails and reflectors as well as spare parts for halogen lamps and LED light. The right lighting accessories will greatly increase the efficiency of your plant cultivation and can make indoor grow much easier. Light is the most important element for your plants as they need it for photosynthesis. In the following we will go into some products in more detail.

Time switches

With the lighting control systems in our shop, your plants will not only always receive the right amount of light, but also the right amount, regardless of whether you are at home or not. The easiest way to control the lights is with a timer. Especially with gas discharge lamps it is recommended not to work with common timers, because for these the high starting currents become problematic in the long run. Our range of lamp accessories therefore includes timer boxes that simultaneously switch on and off several inductive loads such as high-pressure vapour lamps with high on/off voltages. Alternatively, we offer special timers such as the Omnirex or the digital timer from Lumatek.

Light Rails

Light Rails are modern elements of lighting control with which you can ensure uniform and area-wide light distribution in your grow tent or greenhouse. They are an energy-saving lamp accessory and are mainly used for mother plants and seedlings. You can control the lighting with an electric motor. The sockets of the rails are compatible with all common lamps. Spare motors, other spare parts and additional rails can also be found in the category lamp accessories of our shop.


With a reflector you can extend the range of the spotlights and increase their efficiency. An additionally installed spreader throws the light back to the reflector screen and thus significantly increases the efficiency of the reflector. This ensures uniform growth phases and, at the same time, much less heat because the light is distributed more evenly. The metal shades are equipped with sockets for all common lamps and are available in a variety of designs and finishes.

Light measuring instruments

Illuminance measures the amount of light incident on the surface. Illuminance is measured in lux. The appropriate light intensity depends on the type of plant. For this purpose, there are light measuring devices, so-called lux meters, with which the degree of illuminance on a surface can be precisely determined. The illuminance can then be adjusted accordingly using a dimmer.

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