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Proper irrigation & nutrient distribution for your plants is the nuts and bolts of growing.

As this can be a challenging task depending on the size of the area to be watered and the watering requirements of each individual plant, we at Growland have the suitable irrigation, aquarium & circulation pumps for you.

Submersible pumps: Our submersible pumps are ideal for use in watering plants. They can be placed in wells, cisterns or other water reservoirs (e.g. AutoPot water tanks) to pump water efficiently. Our submersible pumps are robust and durable and can work reliably even in difficult conditions. You can buy the right submersible pump in Growland's range.

Aeration pumps or aquarium pumps: are indispensable in the irrigation of plants, especially for aquaculture and hydroponics. This type of pump enriches the water with oxygen. Oxygenation of plants is essential for healthy plant growth. Buy an aquarium pump now to ensure the optimum oxygen content in the water.

Circulation pumps: Circulation pumps are mainly used in heating, air conditioning and cooling systems to distribute the medium to be transported evenly in the system. In the cultivation and breeding of plants, circulating pumps have proven themselves especially in greenhouses and hydroponic systems. There they are used to automatically distribute nutrient solutions and fertilisers evenly to all connected plants. Buy your circulation pump now, automate your irrigation and nutrient distribution, sit back and relax while watching your grow.

Still not sure which pump to buy for your grow? Give us a call or drop by the growshop and we'll help you out.

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