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Grow Lights

Spotlight on plant lamps

The most important thing in plant breeding is sufficient light for photosynthesis in the growth and flowering phase. For optimal lighting, various aids are needed, which we have listed here in this short guide. We offer different light sources, ballasts, reflectors and LEDs for the illumination of your plants.

Show every plant in the right light.

A distinction is made between two lamps:
  • Metal halide lamps with high blue light component for the growing phase
  • Sodium vapour lamps with a high proportion of yellow and red light and the ideal luminous intensity for the flowering phase of the plant

Luminous Duo

The practical dual lamp is both a metal halide and a sodium vapour lamp. This category also includes fluorescent tubes. These are ideal for all growth stages, from cutting to the vegetative growth phase.

Decrease power consumption. Extend shelf life.

You will also find suitable ballasts in electronic or conventional form for any kind of luminaire in our shop. The function of ballasts is to connect them in series to the lamp so that they limit the current of the lamp to its nominal value. Electronic ballasts are dimmable and deliver higher luminous intensity with lower power consumption. Conventional ballasts are characterised by the fact that they usually last for decades.

Not long superior: reflect plant light & maximize growth

We also provide you with reflectors for optimum illumination of the plant area, which increase efficiency in the growth and flowering phase. In addition, reflectors reduce the incident heat through uniform light distribution. A distinction is also made between different types:
  • Hammerblow reflector with special coating ensures high luminous efficacy through optimum reflection
  • largest model is the Avenger Large. Suitable for lamps up to 1000 watts and can illuminate four square meters of growth area.
  • Cooltube reflectors are integrated into the ventilation system so that heat is extracted. They are ideal for smaller rooms.
For the lighting systems you will find accessories as well as complete fittings and coordinated lighting sets for every growing and flowering phase. If you are ever in the dark, we will be happy to advise you by telephone: +49(0)40 – 2442 416 80
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