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In this category you will find the fertilizers that are vital for your plants. Fertilizers are divided into organic and mineral plant fertilizer. Without these invaluable nutrients your tomato plant or any other vegetable will not generate the healthy green respectively your fruits will not develop the right flavor or even wither.

Therefore it is necessary to provide them with the right nutrients. Organic-biological fertilizer is compost or dung that is mostly not accessible for hobby gardeners. But there are solutions like for example the organic-mineral plant fertilizer by Compo. These fertilizer sticks with Guano are especially great for tomatoes. But also the lawn is hungry and often lacks nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and iron. Here is the Compo Floranid lawn fertilizer a good aid. For those who like it completely biological there is the option to choose from the product-lines BIO NOVA or BIOBIZZ. These product-lines are made of pure plant-based indigents and do not need any mineral additives. A 100% organic produces fertilizer is for example the BIOCANNA.

Is it your desire to help your flowering plant to develop its full gorgeous blossom? Then you will find the plant fertilizer AZET by NEUDORFF particular for roses. The fertilizers contain all the so important minerals and micronutrients and thus prevent deficiency syndromes of flowering plants as well as foliage plants. To keep the soil healthy take a look at the category "soil and fertilizer sets". For beginners, but also experienced gardeners, you will find starter kits that are usable not only on soil, but also on other substrates like rock wool or coconut fiber.