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growland is a global online retailer with a variety of high quality products from which you can find the right one for your garden. All items that are displayed in the shop are also in stock and in this way, we can guarantee a fast shipping. In Europe, the minimum order value for free shipping is 150,00 €. Whether it is for your house, garden or balcony, you will find the suitable grow equipment according to your requirements in our comprehensive product range.

Our shop offers you a large scale of Grow and Hydroponics equipment:

  • Complete Grow Kits

    Complete grow sets to meet every need, whether with the Homebox, Growbox, ventilation sets, or fertilizer sets - we have everything you need for newcomers or experienced growers.

  • Lighting

    Light is most important for plants because they use it for photosynthesis. There are two different types of photosynthesis: metal halide (high degree of blue light) for the growth phase of the plants and sodium vapor lamps (high degree of yellow/red light) for the bloom phase.

  • Ventilation

    Everything for ventilation and air supply. From Systemair and PrimaKlima duct fans and snail shell centrifugal ventilators to activated charcoal air filters from CarbonActive and PrimaKlima, air hoses like the flex tube SonoDec and Combidec as well as sound absorbers and other accessories.

  • Fertilizers

    Growth flower fertilizer for plants from BioBizz, Advanced Hydroponics, Canna, General Hydroponics, BioTabs, Hesi and PH regulators.

  • Grow-Tents

    Propagators, Growboxes from the Homebox Ambietn & Evolution PAR+ series from Eastside Impex in all sizes, naturally also Drybox and Clonebox. The Homebox/Growbox fulfills all requirements for successful home gardening.

  • Plant Accessories

    Hydroponic systems the AeroFlo System from General Hydroponics, the Gro Tank from Nutriculture, as well as the Atami Wilma Systems.

  • Pots & Saucers

    Having the correct pot size is not only a matter of the right look, but it also takes effect on the growth rate of the plants. In this category you can find various pots in every shape and size.

  • Media & Soil

    Our shop offers you all kinds of soils and substrates for a successful cultivation of your demanding plants. Ranging from easy-to-handle coco substrates or various well-balanced soil mixtures up to clay pebbles as a perfect media for hydroponic systems. Furthermore you can find perlite and rock wool starter blocks which are optimal for the propagation of seedlings and cuttings.

  • Irrigation

    Spikes and drippers for your irrigation system, PE hoses and elbow fittings, pressure valves as well as punching tools for irrigation systems, all attachments, for example hose clamps and pumps.

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