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Growland Growshop - home of the homegrown

Visit us in our showroom in Hamburg

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Visit us in our showroom in Hamburg

Growland - home of the homegrown

Hello plant breeders, indoor gardeners and organic growers. Here at Growland youwill find everything you need for effective, sustainable and organic plant breeding in a small or large area. We are one of the largest and most experienced grow shops in Europe and offer a huge selection of professional homegrow equipment at a top price-performance ratio. From different fertilizers and soil to optimal irrigation, lighting and ventilation. Of course we also offer growboxes in different sizes. Our experienced team will be happy to adviseyou online and offline in our showroom in Hamburg. We ship our goods worldwide with delivery times that won't keep you waiting long.

Complete Sets - The "Best of Homegrow" Package

The perfect introduction to plant breeding: an all-round carefree package. We offer complete sets for grow boxes, ventilation, lighting, fertilizer and cutting accessories aswell as irrigation. We will be happy to put together an individual set for you or advise you on the composition of your equipment. Rule of thumb: The basis forindoor plant breeding is always the growbox. Your size determines the size of the remaining equipment. The first question to be answered is to what extent youwant to grow or how much space you have available for your plant breeding. In this way you can make sure that everything fits together at the end and that your project does not get out of hand.

Plant Lighting - Spotlight on your Growbox

The choice of the right plant lamp is crucial for maximum growth and a high-yield harvest. Perfect conditions for photosynthesis during growth and flowering can only be achieved with adequate lighting. Therefore it is advisable to put together lighting sets that contain suitable illuminants, ballasts, reflectors and LEDs. Whether Grow-LED, Sanlight or any other light source is the right one for the respective cultivation, you can alsoask our experienced service team. We can already guarantee you one thing: Your plant breeding will grow beyond itself as soon as it is in the right plant light. Sounds plausible, doesn´t it?

Growboxes - the own four walls for plants in your four walls

In our Growbox range you will find everything from Grow Tent, Grow Box, Grow Cabinet to Grow Room. Regardless of the external climate, you can achieve large yields witha wide variety of cultivated plants in grow tents in a small space. Thanks to fans, lighting systems and irrigation sets, the optimum conditions for the various cultivation phases of tomatoes, for example, can be easily achieved individually. Another reason why you don't have to think long about buying a grow box: it reflects light very strongly instead of absorbing it. In addition, the screened room makes controlled organic cultivation easy to implement. So getthe right home for your Homegrow now.

Ventilation - a fresh breeze for your greenhouse

With the right ventilation system, you can constantly provide the best growing conditions. Because plants also need air to breathe and above all to grow. In our shop you will find different types of fans and ventilators. The fans are equipped with activated carbon filters to reduce odours and silencers for quiet operation. So your greenery doesn´t stink up to the sky and your plants literally grow in peace. Ventilationregulators and hygrometers to control temperature and humidity are essential forcontrolling the climate in your greenhouse. And with the right humidification and heating system, your plant cultivation is on the safe and above all neither too cold nor too dry side.

Irrigation sets - H2grOw

A regular water supply is a must for healthy plant growth. But since you can't set your clock permanently according to your plants, there are irrigation sets that regulate the water supply for your plants. Depending on the number of plants to be watered, there are micro-irrigation sets and irrigation systems for plants with up to 100 plants and more on request. Micro irrigation is easy to install and delivers the right amount of water to each plant drop by drop. It is ideal for irrigation during a holiday. The large irrigation systems are easy to use professional sets that can be flexibly extended and connected. With the right watering set, your plants will not die of thirst and you will not miss out on the harvest.

Urban Gardening - bring green to grey

Just let it grow, instead of narrowing it down. This is the basic idea behind Urban Gardening. In this way the unused urban areas are collectively turned intoflowering
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