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Coco soil or coco substrates are a popular medium for growing plants and cuttings. They offer some unique advantages for your plant growing.

The benefits of coco substrates & coco soil for your plants

- Porosity: Coco soil is very porous. This allows excellent air and moisture circulation for the roots of your plants. This promotes better root development and healthier growth for your plants.

- Coco soil is clean and sterile: Our manufacturers take great care to ensure the cleanliness of the product when mixing your coco substrate. Depending on the manufacturer, the finished product is washed or rinsed again to ensure that the coco substrate does not contain any fungi or pests. If coco substrates become mouldy, this is usually due to excessive watering by the consumer.

- Shelf life & reusability: As a rule, the substrates can be reused after use and thorough rinsing with enzymes. Please refer to the manufacturer's product description.

- Effective moisture retention: Coconut substrates can store moisture very well. This is then gradually released to the plant. However, be careful not to over-water the coco soil, as this can lead to mould growth if used for a long time.

- Environmentally friendly alternative: coconut soil does not contain peat and is therefore considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional potting soil. The husk of the coconut is used in its production, which would otherwise be disposed of as a waste product.

Buy coco soil & coco substrate

At Growland, we pay attention to high quality products and a good reputation of our suppliers. That's why you can only buy coco substrates from the following manufacturers with us. Plagron Coco, Canna Coco, BioBizz Coco Mix and UGro Rhiza. In this way, we ensure that your growing media is of a consistently high quality and that you receive the exact same product every time you buy.

Convinced about coco for your plants?

Then buy your favourite coco substrate online at Growland now and take the growth of your plants to the next level.

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