CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm

CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm CarbonActive Filter 800m/h 200mm
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Carbon Active 800Z HomeLine - High-Tech from Switzerland

The Carbon Active activated carbon filter is a revolutionary filter for odor neutralization, which reliably filters any odor to 100% out of the air.

The low weight and the small build of the filters are, especially in smaller rooms, a clear advantage.

The new construction enables an odor absorption of up to 3000 cbm air per hour, and that at a size and weight reduction of up to 50% in comparison to conventional activated carbon filters. This performance is achieved through an optimization of the activated carbon.
The only 0,4-0,8 mm small activated carbon particles have, at the same weight as conventional activated carbon, a hundredfold enlarged surface. This enhances the performance of the odor filtration by using a filter of minimum weight and size.

Compared to conventional activated carbon filters, these high-tech filters offer clear advantages:
- Longer durability (+1 year service life)
- 70% less pressure loss
- Complete neutralization of odors thanks to close manufacture
- Minimal pressure loss
- No development of carbon dust
- Low weight
- Compact size
- Easy waste disposal of the fllter via the household garbage

The pre-filter works as coarse dust and fine particle filter and keeps away all dirt particles that are bigger than 0,4m (0,0004mm), so that the pores of the activated carbon do not get clogged. Correspondingly the filter should never be used without the pre-filter, since that would decrase the quality and service life.

To guarantee a preferably long durability, the following advises are given by the manufacturer:
- Never smoke near the filter. Cigarette smoke reduces the durability of the activated carbon significantly
- The filter should never be used without a pre-filter
- The pre-filter has to be exchanged regularly (at least every 2 month)
- Never exceed the specified cubic performance
- The filter has to be used with a minimum of 25% of the cubic-performance
- The humidity should not exceed 85% over a longer period
- During room cleaning, the filter has to be shut off to prevent the suction of bigger amounts of dust
- Never let the filter get in contact with water

Technical details 800Z filter:
- Optimal filtration efficiency: at 640m/h
- Performance range: 200m/h - 800m/h
- Pressure in Pa: optimal 65, max. 105
- Pressure loss: 55Pa / 800m/h, 31Pa / 640m/h
- Dimensions: 275mm, height 440mm
- Port size: 200 mm
- Weight: approx. 3,5 kg

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Paul S., 14.11.2014

So happy with this filter. Ive used them in the past and have been 100% satisfied. Nice and light, and easy to hang and do the job brilliantly. Also they have a very good lifespan.

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