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Grow Light Kit Lumatek All-In-One Aurora 315W CMH

Item no.: 17824

  • High efficiency 315W CMH grow light
  • Dimmable electronic ballast
  • including parts for mounting the luminaire
320,00 €
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Lumatek Aurora 315W CMH

Grow Light Kit Lumatek All-In-One Aurora 315W CMH: Create the ultimate light plan for your plants!

If you have some familiarity with the home-growing world, you must have come across the revolutionary CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lighting. It is indeed something special, as it boasts several advantages. Firstly, it consumes much less power compared to traditional HPS and MH grow lights. Secondly, it provides a full spectrum output that closely resembles natural sunlight, including extra UV-A and UV-B spectrum, resulting in a much higher PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). PAR defines the type of light spectrum to which plants respond best through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy, which serves as the nutrient they require to grow and flower. Therefore, lamps that produce higher PAR are highly beneficial for indoor growers who demand the best results in terms of growth, flowering, and overall yield for their favorite crops.

If you are gearing up to embrace the CMH technology in your grow box, look no further than the cutting-edge Lumatek All-In-One Aurora 315W CMH Grow Light Kit.

This comprehensive kit includes

  • A superior 315W/3100K CMH grow light that ensures optimal performance
  • The latest dimmable 315W e-ballast (ECG) specifically designed for CMH bulbs, providing precise control over light intensity
  • A set of lamp hangers with sturdy pulleys and musketon hooks, boasting a maximum load capacity of 68Kg for secure installation
  • Last but not least, a compact dimpled reflector with a matching PGZX18 socket to enhance light dispersion

To facilitate the setup process, the kit also includes a standard 5-meter-long connection cable, allowing you to connect your CMH Grow Light Kit to a Lumatek Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 controller for even greater control and efficiency.

Introducing the Lumatek dimmabale e-ballast 315W: Fine-tune the grow light intensity for optimal results

Lumatek's ECG offers the innovative "Square-Wave" technology, providing you with optimal and dimmable control over your CMH grow lights. This advanced technology empowers you to take charge of the light regime for your plants during both the growing and flowering phases, ensuring you achieve maximum results from your grow box. With the Lumatek ECG 315W, you have the flexibility to dim your light at any time between 50% and 100% of the available capacity. Precisely, there are 6 dimming modes available: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%. This level of control allows you to tailor the lighting conditions to suit the specific needs of your plants at different stages of their growth cycle. The Lumatek electronic ballast is designed to work seamlessly with CMH lamps featuring a PGZ18 fitting, ensuring a reliable and efficient lighting setup for your indoor cultivation.

Create natural sunlight indoors with the Lumatek CMH 315W grow light

Introducing the Lumatek CMH grow lamp 315W/240V, a specialized "pulse start lamp" designed exclusively for use with a CMH ECG. The pulse start technology ensures a reduced release of heat during use and start-up, contributing to a longer lamp life. Moreover, this lamp reaches its operating temperature much faster after start-up. CMH lamps utilize a specially developed gas mixture for glass and horticultural applications, resulting in maximum light output and promoting healthy plant development. The Lumatek CMH stands out as one of the most effective CMH grow lights available, offering a light spectrum that closely resembles natural sunlight and an outstanding color rendering index (CRI / Color Rendering Index) of 90+. With its 3100 Kelvin color temperature, the Lumatek 315W CMH serves as an ideal light source for professional indoor growing, providing a remarkable 10-20% higher efficiency compared to conventional metal halide lamps. This lamp can be effectively used during both the growth and flowering phases of plant development, making it a versatile and high-performance lighting solution.

Technical specifications Lumatek ECG 315W CMH

  • Electronic ballast specifically for 315W CMH grow lights
  • Dimmer settings: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%
  • Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz
  • Current: 1.5A
  • Input power: 334W
  • Output power: 315W
  • Power factor: > 0.97
  • Voltage: from 185 to 275V
  • Operating frequency: low frequency
  • No perceptible noise in operation, no flicker
  • Environmental temperature maximum: 40°C
  • Maximum housing temperature: 30°C
  • IP protection class: IP20
  • Maximum humidity: 90%
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 245x114x81 mm
  • Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Euro plug cable approx. 2 metres long (included in delivery)
  • Standard with IEC connection for reflector cable

Technical specifications Lumatek 315W/3100K CMH

  • Power consumption: 315W
  • Colour temperature: 3,100K
  • Lamp voltage: 100V
  • Lamp current: 3.15A
  • Luminous flux: 37,000 Lm
  • Light output: 118 Lm/W
  • Average lifespan: 14,000 hours
  • Max. warm-up phase: 3 minutes
  • Max. restart time: 10 minutes
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 90+
  • PAR: 650 µmol/s
  • Total length: 193 mm
  • Length at centre: 88 mm
  • Lamp diameter: ø39 mm
  • Max. temperature fitting: 250°C
  • Max. temperature bulb: 350°C
  • Material: UV block quartz
  • Fitting: PGZX18

Technical specifications reflector

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27x24x13 cm
  • Fitting: PGZX18

Delivery scope

  • 1x Lumatek ECG 315W CMH dimmable
  • 1x Lumatek CMH grow light 315W - 3100K
  • 1x Compactor reflector with PGZX18 socket
  • 1x Set of lamp hangers with pulleys and musketon hooks, max load: 68Kg
  • 1x Lumatek "Control Link" connection cable, 5 metres


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