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Gronest Fabric Pot 1 L to 55 L

Item no.: Gronest

  • stop root cicling and aerates root zone
  • environmentally friendly Fabric Pot
  • Made from recycled PET Bottles
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Gronest - An environmental-friendly textile container made of reusable PET and polyester

According to the manufacturer, the Gronest fabric-pot features stability and durability in an optimum way, as well as the perfect oxygen flow rate and humidity reservoir all in one product. The Gronest fabric containers stay cooler than conventional plant containers. This circumstance gets accomplished by the good ventilation and the porous surface structure. The development of the Gronest plant containers represents a technical improvement due to the application of the in-house development "Aqua Breathe".

The Aqua Breathe inlay is less permeable and the water only drains through the bottom of the pot. Furthermore, it is very resistant and breathable, which permanently supplies the roots with oxygen and, at the same time, works as a filter. The Gronest containers do not decoliorize and the color stays the same. The seams of the containers are double sewed for a better durability and stability.

  • Roots are permanently ventilated
  • Better drainage therefore no development of dammed up water
  • Stops circular root growth
  • Roots stay cooler during hot weather
  • Environmental-friendly textile container made of reusable PET and polyester
  • Double seams for better durability
  • The handles are triple folded
  • The multiple usage of the pots is a product feature
  • Pots are perfectly suitable for hydroponics and water-plants as well as for any other substrate (soil, coconut fibers, rock wool, exclay)
  • Color: black
  • The pots are frost resistant and do not break
  • Without handles till 4 litres
Available in:
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 1 litre
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 2 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 4 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 8 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 11 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 15 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot19 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 25 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 39 litres
  • Gronest Fabric Pot 55 litres

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5 from 5 Good quality

a very good bag, can be used more than once, just rinse after use, the roots breathe and the fabric is of good quality, I recommend!

German V., 01.06.2022
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