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Pest Control

The threat of a pest infestation has to be taken serious because it can cause crop failure or the die back of the affected plant. In our range of products the right solution for pest control inside as outside can be found. For a successful pest control there are, depending on the type of the existing pest infestation, several substances and methods available to choose from. That way you support the protection of your fruit, vegetables or flowers.
For a correct diagnosis and the following control of the attainted leaves, the microscope with activated illumination is the perfect tool Once the pest is identified, there are different methods that are varying depending on the kind of pest. With the sticky straps, available in different panels, lice can be removed gentle without any chemicals getting directly onto the plant or in the soil. In case the utilization of solute or fest substances is necessary for the pest control, we offer purely biological as well as artificial substances.

With the ‘Calaflor Naturen Blattlausfrei’ that comes in a spray bottle you combat, with the aid of the natural active ingredient rape oil, plant lice, mealy bugs, spider mites and other pests. Furthermore there are insecticides that contain active ingredients like potash soap or acetamiprid. These are normally for ornamental and potted plants, but can also be used in garden plots. Among our divers products you will find the right substance to win the battle against any kind of pest infestation.