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Plant Strengthening

For strong and healthy plants

Plant strengthening is the gardener's be-all and end-all: strong plants are better able to defend themselves against diseases, parasites and other pests. Treatment with plant fortifiers has several positive effects on your plants. They promote growth, flowering and crop yield. Infestation by fungi or mould is prevented by plant strengthening, and your plants are also better protected against stress from external influences or environmental toxins. Already during germination and root formation plants are strengthened and can develop optimally.

As plants become more resistant to hazards, the use of pesticides can be reduced or eliminated altogether. This promotes the taste and the health of the plants and the yield.

In our large selection you will find plant strengtheners for all conceivable situations in the garden. The classic products support the development of the plant's immune system preventively, while the homeopathic Biplantol emergency drops promote regeneration when a plant is already affected by disease.

You can also find special plant strengthening agents for different plant species such as vegetables, roses or orchids here. Weeds and pests are kept away from your plants in a gentle and sustainable way. Besides homeopathic remedies there are plant extracts from horsetail and aloe vera as well as complexes with minerals and plant extracts. For beginners and lovers, the sets which combine different remedies are particularly suitable. Our plant fortifiers are ecologically sustainable and promote the health of plants, animals and humans.