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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Kit Grow, Bloom, Micro 1 L

Item no.: 18194-001

  • 3-component nutrient series
  • provides vigorous growth
  • Increases flower and fruit production
  • provides the plant with additives and micro substances
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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Set - a lot of yield for little money

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Grow

An inexpensive growth fertiliser from the 3-component fertiliser formula that does not require pH Perfect technology. Using Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Grow as part of a base fertiliser (including Micro and Bloom) ensures exceptional plant performance in any crop, at any time. This premium liquid nutrient concentrate provides a perfectly optimised formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for robust stem and leaf growth.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Bloom

A cost-effective bloom fertiliser from the 3-component fertiliser formula that does not require pH Perfect technology. With the Jungle Juice Bloom fertiliser you increase the flower and fruit production of your plants. The bloom cocktail contains a carefully balanced formula with phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulphur to increase bud production and ultimately your harvest.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro

Essential, high quality nutrition right from the start! Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro contains exactly the nitrogen, iron and calcium that freshly germinated plants need.

The biggest advantage of Jungle Juice is its chelates. The micronutrients needed by the plants are transported through the semi-transparent membranes of the cells in the form of chelates. Grow-Micro-Bloom contains the perfect ratio of nutrients in high quality.


  • 3-component nutrient series
  • Provides for vigorous growth & strong fruit and flower formation
  • supplies the plant with the right amount of additives and micro nutrients
  • contains high quality chelates
  • Suitable for all substrates & growing methods


  • IMPORTANT: Do not mix fertilisers pure together
  • MIX Micro into the water first, then Grow and finally Bloom
  • for cuttings/seedlings: 1 ml per litre of water
  • for young plants: 2 ml per litre of water
  • from flowering stage to harvest: 4 ml per litre of water

Always add Jungle Juice Micro to fresh water first and mix well, then add Jungle Juice Grow and/or Jungle Juice Bloom. Never combine Jungle Juice Micro undiluted with Jungle Juice Grow or Jungle Juice Bloom. This can lead to a nutrient lockout, making some minerals unavailable.

Note: The dosage is based on an EC value of 0.0.

The 3-component fertiliser is 100% compatible with all Advanced Nutrients additives. To achieve the best possible results you can add the following supplements.

  • Manufacturer:
    Advanced Nutrients
  • Composition: mineral
  • Phase: GrowFloweringCuttings
  • Size: 1 L
  • Medium: SoilHydroCoco
  • Item weight: 3,40 kg
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5 from 5
bwat for growing in coco and in soil

advance nutrients remain to this day the best fertilizers I recommend to everyone this product perfectly fulfills its task the main thing is to buy a pH meter and monitor how much it is in the water when adding fertilizers

German V., 21.04.2022
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