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make your plants organic - with BioBizz fertilizer.

BioBizz has been producing natural plant nutrients, additives for organic plant breeding, soil, fertilizers, stimulants and additives for horticulture since 1992. The BioBizz fertilizer series is ideal for the organic cultivation of a wide variety of plants:
  • flowers
  • Fruits
  • vegetables
  • herbs
The BioBizz products are characterised by high quality and a wide variety. The fertilizer can be used for soil, substrates and coco, but also hydroponically and in hydro systems. Biobizz, so that your plants grow up in a biodope.

Even the production of the organic BioBizz fertilizer is environmentally friendly. It is therefore very popular with plant breeders who pay attention to sustainability in cultivation. But its properties also speak for themselves:
  • friendly dosage for beginners
  • multiple mix of products
  • Harvest in organic quality
  • Over-fertilization virtually impossible
  • good value for money

Growth according to plan

BioBizz products have a clearly arranged nutrient plan and the BioBizz starter pack contains all essential fertilizers and additives. The enclosed fertilizer scheme makes it particularly easy for beginners to successfully cultivate right from the start. The fertilizer can simply be added to the water. A PH value between 6.2 and 7.0 is optimal.

BioBizz fertilizer in soil for plants that shoot up

In which phase of the growth cycle the dosage should be increased can also be found in the fertiliser schedule. BioBizz uses a cycle of 12 weeks as a basis. Thorough tests have shown that these dosages are the best possible. This avoids deficiencies and makes organic horticulture as efficient as possible. The Trypack product series is otherwise also suitable for a first BioBizz test. Growing is always associated with trial and error, as many factors are decisive for the result. We can also advise you which BioBizz product is right for you.
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