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BIOBIZZ Nutrient complete kit organic for soil

Item no.: 10572

  • Complete set for organic cultivation
  • 5 high-quality products for growth and flowering phase
  • Products can also be ordered individually
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BioBizz complete set: organic bio-fertiliser for optimal growth and yield.

If you want to pamper your plants with organic products, you should order this BioBizz Complete Set. It contains five BioBizz products - from basic fertiliser to booster for flowering and roots - and thus offers everything an ambitious organic gardener needs for successful cultivation. If one of the products is running low, you can also buy it individually from us.

The BioBizz complete set contains the following:

  • 1x 1 litre BioBizz Grow
  • 1x 1 litre BioBizz Bloom
  • 1x 0.5 litre BioBizz Topmax
  • 1x 0.5 litre BioBizz Alga Mic
  • 1x 0.25 litre BioBizz Root Juice

To facilitate the application, the BioBizz complete set also offers:

  • 10 ml pipette
  • Dosing table of BioBizz

The products in the BioBizz complete set at a glance

BioBizz Grow

Bio-Grow is an organic growth fertiliser that creates the basis for optimal plant growth. The liquid fertiliser is used during the entire plant growth period and is ideal for most soil and substrate mixtures. It serves as the basis of the BioBizz fertiliser system and activates those soil bacteria of the substrate that are important for nutrient uptake. The grow fertiliser consists of organic molasses from sugar beet extract and wheat starch and offers a particularly high betaine content. In addition, BioBizz Grow contains over 70 trace elements as well as vitamins B1, B2, C and E. Phosphate is low in the grow fertiliser, as in all other products of the manufacturer.

BioBizz Organic Bloom

The organic BioBizz Bloom liquid fertiliser is a supplement to the basic fertiliser and is used in the flowering or fruiting phase. It guides the plants into flowering and helps them to blossom as well as fruiting. The 100% organic flowering fertiliser contains enzymes, amino acids, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, which have a positive effect on bud and flower formation. Trace elements and plant hormones ensure improved plant growth and a more active plant metabolism.

BioBizz Topmax

BioBizz Topmax is a 100% organic flowering booster with humic acid and fulvic acid, which ensures vigorous flower formation. It stimulates the fructose production of the plant and also stimulates cell division. This multiplies flower formation, which in turn allows for increased fruiting. The activating effect of BioBizz Topmax is at its best when minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium can be released in the soil. The bloom booster can be used with all types of substrates.

BioBizz Alg a Mic

With BioBizz Alga Mic seaweed concentrate made from cold-spun seaweed, organic gardeners can stimulate plants gently yet powerfully. The tonic with natural nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and hormones is combined with regular fertiliser and makes plants more resistant to stress and negative environmental influences. This enables the plants to react better to draughts, diseases, temperature fluctuations and humidity. In addition, the tonic promotes the uptake of chlorophyll, which gives the plants a beautiful, deep green leaf colour.

BioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice is a root booster that ensures lush root growth. It contains marine algae and humic acid, which optimise the natural biological life of the growing medium and strengthen the root system. Ideally, the plants should already be supplied with the root booster in the first few weeks. This way they can develop strong roots from the beginning and better absorb important nutrients. The plants thus become stronger and more resistant and can deliver a richer harvest.

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