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BioTabs Bactrex 50g

Item no.: 15585

  • concentrated Trichoderma product
  • Soil bacteria from biological origin
  • protects plants from diseases
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Deliverydate: 12.06.2023 - 14.06.2023

Bactrex is an extremely concentrated Trichoderma agent. Trichoderma protects the roots against damages through other fungi and prevents plant diseases.

Bactrex by BioTabs can be used in- and outdoors and suits for soil, as well as coco. It can also be used easily and problem-free for the protection of seedlings and cuttings.

Next to Trichoderma, Bactrex contains several root-microbes for the soil enhancement. The balanced amount of these microorganisms clearly improves the fertility of the soil. The combination of Trichoderma and helpful bacteria, guarantees a healthy, balanced and consistent growth of the plants. Bactrex can be optimally combined with other supplements by BioTabs, especially with Mycotrex.

1g per 1L water for seedlings and cuttings. The combination with 5 ml BT Orgatrex per liter water is recommended! Soak the soul in a pot with a solution of 1 gram (1 teaspoon) Bactrex and 5ml Orgatrex per liter water. Use enough of the solution to completely moisten the surface of the soil. Repeat this process every 4 weeks! 1 liter is sufficient for approx. 50 seedlings / cuttings.

BioTabs BACTREX is a living product, once dissolved in water, the solution needs to be applied within 6 hours. Do not overuse.


  • Has beneficial soil bacteria for the root system.
  • Contains Trichoderma genus mold soil microbes.
  • Provides protection against root pathogens.
  • Converts organic matter into nutrients.
  • Is a powerful organic soil improver.
  • 100% Certified Organic.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Additives: Soil improver
  • Composition: organic
  • Medium: SoilCoco
  • Item weight: 0,05 kg

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