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Every hobby gardener enjoys the flowerage of his plants on the terrace or inside the house. The requirements for that is a healthy plant growth during the growth stage.

The right placement
When you buy plants at the nursery or the flower specialist shop, ask right away if the plants prefer to be in a sheltered place during the growth and vegetative stage, and if they can be exposed to direct sunlight. The plant growth of some plants with tender leaves for example, gets affected if they are placed on terraces with direct sunlight. Other types again need a lot of sun during the vegetative stage and would wither if they are placed in the shade. With interior plants you should pay attention to the right lightning, because some plants cannot develop properly in a dark environment. Very important as well is a certain air humidity, since too dry air damages the leaves and blossoms.

The right care and fertilization
During the growth stage every plant needs sufficient nutrients, which accelerate the plant growth. For that reason they should be fertilized periodically. The fertilizer provides the plant with all necessary minerals and additives and makes the plant resistant to diseases. During the vegetative stage the leaves should be cleaned at regular intervals, to ensure that the plant can breathe well again.

The right pot choice
Do not plant your plants in too small pots, because the roots cannot spread appropriate if they don?t have enough space. This would limit the growth of the plant and the leaves cannot develop completely. With the right choice of location and a regular fertilization during the growth stage, you will be rewarded with healthy plants.

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