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The medium earth has many advantages, but also one big disadvantage. One advantage for example is the high content of nutrients, that is why soil is very suitable for planting. At the same time microorganisms cater for a good climate in the soil. Moreover it is very low-priced and digging up is easy.

Soil can be unfavorable though when it has a high proportion of peat. If the soil dries out once, it will be difficult to absorb moisture again. The potting soil that you can buy at Growland is either 100% free of peat or consists of peat that meets all quality specifications. Therfore you can enjoy our high-quality potting soils to the fullest.

In addition to our choice of potting soil that consists of 100% coconut husk-fibers and absolutely no peat, we offer you many other potting soils like citrus soil, finest herbal soil, palm soil, orchid soil, cacti soil, but also worm castings. You can also get fertilizer for soil and any special types of soil, as well as substrates like Canna Bo Terra Plus, Canna Terra Professional, Canna Coco Professional and hydroponics, e.g. expanded clay pellets. Moreover we offer special fertilizer for soils like Biobizz Pre-Mix, Biobizz All-Mix, Biobizz-Light-Mix, algae extracts, and many other excellent fertilizer. You can also purchase potting compost which is ideal for the breeding of seedlings.

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