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Canna products in our Growshop range

We offer you a wide range of different products from the house of Canna:

  • fertilizer for each growth phase, as well as the flowering phase
  • Fertilizer for a perfect supply of nutrients at any time
  • Fertilisers for hydroponics and soil cultivation
  • Pest control products

With the targeted and correct application, your plants are ideally cared for from root development to harvest and you can enjoy a rich harvest. You can find detailed information about the individual Canna products here and on the respective product pages. For further questions, our support team will be happy to help you.

High-quality Canna fertilizer promotes plant growth

If you are looking for a high quality organic plant fertilizer, you will not be able to avoid the products of the Dutch brand manufacturer Canna. The company was founded in the 1990s and has since developed many high-yield solid and liquid fertilizers for private and commercial use. The fertilizers offer a consistently high quality and provide the plants with important nutrients during the growth phase. The company's range includes special fertilizers for plants of all kinds, but also numerous fertilizers that can be used universally and flexibly. Discover here in the Growshop the high-quality and versatile products of Canna.

Universal plant fertilizers

The universal plant fertilizers are particularly practical and versatile in their application. They can be used for crops on coco or soil, as well as for hydroponics. These fertilizers can be easily and precisely dosed. They provide the plants with the nutrients they need in all growth phases.

Fertilizers for soil crops - The Terra products from Canna

Those who grow their plants on classic soil or potting soil should choose products from the Terra series. They have been specially developed for soil cultivation. With basic and growth fertilizers you get a combination that ensures an ideal basic supply when growing on soil. For plant species that are in growth, it is best to use Terra Vega products. They support strong and rapid root development. This gives the plant sufficient nitrogen and allows it to draw a lot of water from the soil. When the plants enter the flowering phase, you switch the supply to flowering fertiliser. The Flores products from the manufacturer are excellent for this. They supply the plants with a lot of potassium and phosphorus, which promotes flowering and increases yields.

Tailor-made fertilizer for each growth phase

The Canna fertilizer promotes fast and healthy plant growth. It stimulates root development and acts like a flower booster. The combination of Cannazym, Rhizotonic and PK 13/14 provides a perfect boost for your plants. The special composition of the fertilizer products stimulates root and flower formation. The root fertilizer of Canna is purely organic and supports a good soil climate. Cuttings and young plants can develop wonderfully under these conditions. Canna-Start, the cuttings fertilizer suitable for various substrates, is especially suitable for them. But also the growth fertilizer of the Dutch fertilizer manufacturer can convince. It supplies the various plant species with enzymes. This prevents mould, pest infestation and diseases. At the same time the soil is enriched with more oxygen and the immune system of the plants is strengthened. The plants can better absorb and utilize nutrients. Phosphorus and potassium are particularly important for rapid plant growth. The Canna-PK 13/14 fertilizer contains a lot of them and balances nutrient-poor soils. If you want to enjoy a colourful bloom, use the Canna flower fertilizer. The unique flower booster accelerates the flower formation. Yield and taste are also increased. The innovative flower fertilizer, available as liquid fertilizer or concentrate, optimizes photosynthesis and stimulates the natural functions of the plants. This ensures that the flowers and fruits ripen evenly. Here are the advantages of Canna fertilizers at a glance.

  • Promotion of root development
  • Promotion of plant growth
  • improving the nutrient supply
  • Optimisation of the soil condition
  • Promoting the flowering splendour

fertiliser products for coco and hydroponics

Anyone who works with coco or hydroponics will find tailor-made fertilizer products. Especially recommended is the two-component fertilizer for coco soil. For hydroponics there is the fertilizer series Aqua and Hydro. In both cases, this is a valuable special fertilizer whose components are only brought together in the nutrient solution. For rinsing the substrate, the products from the Flush series are ideal. These products remove excess fertiliser and prepare the plants gently for harvesting.

additives for growth and pest control

In addition to the range of fertilizers, the Canna range also includes many practical additives to promote plant growth or for pest control. The innovative pesticides are free of toxic substances and reliably eliminate whiteflies, mildew, spider mites and other pests. With the Cure products you can also apply a natural protective film to the leaves of your plants to prevent them from being attacked by pests. But Canna-Cure can also be used for acute infestation. Discover the high quality and versatile fertilizer products from Canna for your plantations here in the Grow Shop at low prices.

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