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Watering & Spraying

The irrigation counts to the most important duties of a gardener, to ensure the growth and blossom of the plants. The classical version is to simply water or spray the plants. Thereby a certain susceptibility to the plants should exist and it is important, to pay attention to not overwater them or to give not enough water.

Available in our shop are water-sprayers and watering cans, as well as nutrient tanks and reservoirs. By using spray bottles the plants can obtain additional water via their leaves. We offer a variety of different versions, that are either for the indoor or outdoor use. In our selection we also have different watering cans. You can choose between different sizes and colors: from one-liter capacity up to 5 liters and the colors range from blue to green and even white or pink.

Furthermore, we offer nutrient tanks, which will help you to supply your plants with additional nutrients. These tanks are also available in different sizes.
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