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Gardens are a place of peace. Silencers keep it that way.

When high demands are made on the noise level, useful concepts can contribute efficiently to the noise reduction. The most important question to ask, is, in what way you want to insulate. Cross-talk sound attenuators, for example, are perfectly suitable to stop the noise transmission over pipelines and thereby prevent that they might be heard in rooms next-door.

Though, if you want to minimize the sound level of an air-condition, a ventilator or heater, the use of a pipe sound absorber is recommended. It generates, in combination with an isolation of the direct-mounted valves, a reduction of the noise that comes from the pipes or air hoses. This effect improves the comfort in the insulated rooms and enhances the working atmosphere. Generally, the cross-talk sound attenuator is the less expensive option for the insulation of air ducts and pipelines, whereas the pipe sound absorber is the more efficient one.

In most cases a complex isolation is necessary to reach the desired noise reduction, which cannot be given by cross-talk sound attenuators. When the requirements are high, it is also possible to install two silencers behind each other. To achieve an optimal noise reduction, it is recommended to install one silencer right in front of, and another one behind the ventilator.
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