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Propagation Kits

Small grow boxes with good what on the box.

Our cuttings set is the ideal choice for the rearing of cuttings. This small greenhouse is equally suitable for cuttings, seedlings and other young plants. The sets contain everything an ambitious home gardener needs to grow the young plants. Of course, cuttings lighting is also included. This provides the greenhouse with an ideal climate for the young plants.

The cuttings sets also contain a bottle of high-quality growing fertilizer. Several peat well pots, so-called Jiffys, are also included. With the mechanical day timer, the cuttings lighting can be operated in a day-night rhythm. This allows the young plants to grow ideally in the greenhouse.

The individual cuttings sets differ in size and illuminance. Depending on how many and which young plants you want to grow, you will find a suitable greenhouse. The smallest and cheapest set consists of a greenhouse measuring 38 x 24 x 19 cm with space for about 30 cuttings. The cuttings lighting consists of two lamps with 55 watts each. The slightly larger sets increase both the size of the greenhouse and the output of the cuttings lighting. The Mega-Set contains two greenhouses for almost 80 plants. The set also includes a scalpel for clean cuts and a hand sprayer for moistening the seeds and plants.
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