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With Growland you have the right lamp on your shade.

For successful indoor cultivation in a gow room or a grow tent, suitable lighting is essential, because without light no photosynthesis takes place in a plant. We have different indoor Growing lamps, like the metal halide lamp, the sodium vapor lamp, LED or the dual lamp for you with us offer.

In what light does a plant open to me?

Metal halogen lamps and LED lamps are particularly suitable for the growth phase of your plants because their colour spectrum is in the blue range. However, metal halide lamps should not be used during the flowering phase because they lack the required red/yellow part of the light. The sodium vapour lamp is ideal for this. It is a gas discharge lamp. The gas discharge produces a very high light output. Therefore it is used beside the plant cultivation also in the theatre, in the film montage or in the photo darkroom. Its red-yellow spectrum is very important in the flowering phase. The luminosity of the sodium vapour lamp helps your plants to bloom more vigorously.

The All in One solution is the dual lamp. It integrates the sodium vapour lamp with the metal halide lamp and can therefore be used in both the growth and flowering phases. For all those who want to start with home gardening and are not yet a guru in terms of cultivation, we can recommend the purchase of a dual lamp to start with.

What else brightens up the grow tent and the mood.

A complete set is suitable for larger grow chambers. We will be happy to advise you and put together a suitable package for you. We also have fertilizers and substrates in our shop.

Expert tips for the cutting phase:
  • Little and weak light (LED)
  • Cold color spectrum
  • Be sure to observe the lighting duration. Too much can be harmful.
  • Time switches for automatic control of lighting
Expert Tips for the Growth Phase:
  • Powerful light sources (metal halide lamp or LED)
  • Cold color spectrum with high blue/white content
  • Time switches for automatic control of lighting
Expert tips for the flowering phase:
  • Sodium vapour lamp (HPS)
  • warm color spectrum with high red/yellow content
  • time switches for automatic control of the lighting
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