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Advanced Hydroponics Kit Grow, Bloom, Micro 1L

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Advanced Hydroponics Set - Grow, Bloom and Micro (1 litre each)

The set contains the recommended components:

  • Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula Grow 1L
  • Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula Bloom 1L
  • Advanced Hydroponics Dutch Formula Micro 1L

Advanced Hydroponics DUTCH FORMULA GROW

The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 and 3 during the 18-hour vegetation phase is the best guarantee for high-quality results: Strong, healthy plants with lush green leaves. Dutch Formula GROW creates the perfect conditions for the next development phase. You should stop applying GROW 21 to 30 days after the beginning of the flowering phase (12 hours).

Advanced Hydroponics DUTCH FORMULA BLOOM

The flowering phase is the productive time of the plant. BLOOM is the "power food" for wonderful flowers. BLOOM ensures that your plants receive a correctly balanced mix of nutrients to ensure the optimal growth of high quality flowers. Your plant's environment is unique and depends on factors such as water quality, light, temperature and ventilation. With Dutch Formula you can easily develop and modify your own specific nutritional solution at any point during plant development: from growth to harvest. Dutch Formula is the combination of three products: GROW, BLOOM and MICRO. The three components together are adjusted to the natural life cycle of plants in three very simple steps. This 3-step combination provides the plant with all the necessary elements and makes expensive additives unnecessary.

Advanced Hydroponics DUTCH FORMULA MICRO

You will find that MICRO is the secret to success. It provides the plants with optimal nutrition throughout their life cycle. MICRO is a concentrated nutrient blend of chelated microelements that, together with special pH buffers, provide extra growth energy and stability. DUTCH FORMULA: For all substrates. But the use of Dutch Formula is not limited to hydroponics. Dutch Formula can be used for ALL substrates. Many soil and coco cultures have achieved significantly better results due to the use of Dutch Formula.

Advanced Hydroponics pays off!

The success of Advanced Hydroponics' Dutch Formula product began in Holland, the "heart of the company", where many gardeners cultivate indoor plants. These experts are always impressed by the quality and especially the excellent results of Dutch Formula. An important factor for success is the high concentration of nutrients in GROW, BLOOM and MICRO. In other words, you need less food for your plant. This is why Dutch Formula is the economical solution that is really worth your money. This system is economical and comprehensive because you don't need to buy any other additives.

Matching accessories:

  • Manufacturer:
    Advanced Hydroponics
  • Composition: mineral
  • Phase: GrowFlowering
  • Size: 1 L
  • Medium: AquaSoilHydroCoco
  • Item weight: 3,68 kg

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