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Advanced Hydroponics pH-Down Bloom 1 L

Item no.: 10801

12,00 €
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Deliverydate: 29.02.2024 - 04.03.2024
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Advanced Hydroponics pH- for flowering phase

The exact pH value of your nutrient water plays an important role in the effective absorption of nutrients, microelements and minerals.
It is therefore not without reason that pH correction products are part of the standard arsenal of every respectable home grower, especially and mainly when using mineral plant nutrients such as those from Advanced Hydroponics.
At the same time, extensive tests have shown that acidifying feed water with organic plant food can also bring up to 10% more biomass. So there is absolutely no harm in using products from the Natural Power range in addition to Advanced's mineral products to correct the pH.

Advanced Hydroponics pH- Bloom has been specially developed for the flowering phase and uses phosphoric acid instead of nitric acid.
So use it mainly during the flowering phase for maximum effect. Because of the easy application and the pH stability of the nutrient water, Advanced pH products are now among the most popular on the market. Advanced pH- Bloom is suitable for all growing methods and substrates. Be careful with the dosage, a few drops are usually enough.
Are you also looking for a good pH meter? Then check out our range here.


  • Contains corrosive elements such as phosphoric acid (59%).
  • Causes severe burns
  • Keep tightly closed and out of reach of children
  • Do not inhale vapours
  • In case of contact with eyes: Rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles.
  • Remove contaminated clothing immediately. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (if possible, bring the pH- Bloom label with you).


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