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CANNA Terra Seedmix 25L

Item no.: 10995

  • For improved germination & roots
  • Suitable for seed germination and cuttings Propagation.
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Canna Terra Seedmix 25 litres of growing soil

CANNA Terra Seedmix has - due to its homogeneous, stable structure - a higher water absorption capacity than other soil substrates, creating optimal conditions for complete germination of the seed.
CANNA Terra Seedmix can also be used successfully to promote root formation in cuttings.


  1. Sow directly in Terra Seedmix.
  2. Fill a pot with a maximum diameter of 5 cm with Terra Seedmix. Poke holes about 2-3 mm (max. 5 mm) deep in the substrate and place the seeds inside.
  3. Spray the substrate regularly with a little water. The seedlings initially get their nourishment from the reserve substances contained in the seeds.

Keep the seeds warm (20-25°C) and moist, e.g. in a mini-greenhouse. Remove the lid of the mini-greenhouse as soon as the seedlings protrude above the medium. The young seedlings are still very sensitive. Therefore, do not place them in bright sunlight or directly under a grow light. This can burn the leaves. Feed the young seedlings a nutrient solution with a low EC value (1.2) and enrich it with Rhizotonic for better root development. As soon as the seedlings have formed two to three leaves, they can be transplanted.

Outdoor cultivation

Although it is possible to germinate seeds outdoors, the germination rate is significantly higher if you germinate them indoors first. The soil temperature outdoors is too low for the seeds to germinate successfully. Always place the young seedlings in a place where they can get used to outdoor conditions first, e.g. on a balcony.

Growth phase

Once the pots filled with Terra Seedmix are fully rooted, the plants can be transplanted into the final growing medium, such as Terra Professional, Terra Professional Plus, Canna Coco, hydro granules or rockwool. For all of these substrates, Canna has developed the best, specially balanced nutrients to ensure optimal yields.


  • The packaging material is made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Store in a dark cool place above 4ºC.
  • Contents: 25 litres

Due to high postage costs, we unfortunately have to charge a shipping surcharge for the delivery of soil (depending on quantity).

  • Manufacturer:
  • Composition: mineral
  • Size: 25 L
  • Item weight: 8,25 kg
  • Dimensions(LxWxH)
    ( Length × Width × Height ):
    65,00 × 45,00 × 15,00 cm

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