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Eazy Block 7,5x7,5x6cm 160 pieces

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Deliverydate: 12.06.2023 - 14.06.2023
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Stronger, vigorous rooting
The Eazy Block is an organic propagation-block, into which the plants can be transplanted that are enrooted in the Eazy Plug. Additionally, to all the advantages of Eazy Plug, it offers a more extensive regulation. The result is the development of strong, vigorous and fast growing roots.

Well branched rootage
The Eazy Block is used without a plastic cover, therefore, the so called "air-pruning" of the roots can take place. That causes the development of a dense and well branched rootage.

Unlimited durability
The Eazy Block comes in dry condition, which makes it clean, lightweight and absolutely durable and therefore doesn?t run the risk of mildew. The dry Eazy Block fast and easily absorbs the water. Afterwards it features its original qualities.

Eazy Plug is a propagation and sowing medium that consists of organic soil-composite material and is very easy to use. Since the plugs are pre-buffered, it is enough to soak them in water for a few minutes or to generously water them. Afterwards drain the excess water and let the plugs drip off for a minute. The plugs safe only the amount of water that the seedlings, or seeds, actually need. In contrary to the cultivation on rock-wool, this makes it almost impossible to over-water the plants.

Buffer: PH 5,8 EC 0,8 +/-
Content: 160 pieces

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  • Item weight: 6,40 kg

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