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Eazy Plug Starter Cubes 3,5cm x 3,5cm 100 pieces

Item no.: 17931

  • extremely high germination rate
  • organic & compostable
  • healthy and fast root development
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The optimal air-water balance of Eazy plug ensures a healthy root environment and rapid root development. With its outstanding performance, he is growing a greener and better alternative for virtually every type of growing medium, such as ordinary potting soil, rock wool, and many others.

A predetermined pH with buffering
The addition of special components, the pH is buffered, which means that the plug will keep the Eazy given pH value, even after the addition of water or nutrients at different pH values. In this way the pH is stable, less prone to user error or equipment and easier to manage.

A given EC value with buffering
The EC value is buffered so the EC value is stable and easy to control.

Open structure for a more proper balance of water and air
You can simply plug the Eazy ausdrainagieren only then is almost impossible to overwatering. The Eazy plug can drain the excess water, so there is always enough air for optimum root environment.

Water buffering
Eazy The plug has the special property that they loose more water buffers such as soil. For this reason, the plant is located in a less stressful situation of too little water, so the cuttings grow better as a result, often have a shorter root time comes. This water has the buffering Eazy Plug longer time than the necessary water, even if the supply is stagnant for some time or even stopped. This again results in a stable moisture that should be handled better and easier and is less prone to error by the user or the irrigation system.

Better controllability of a strong plant
Through the water, EC and pH buffering Eazy plug the breeding of plants with this die is controlled to better generative. This can significantly increase the quality of the plant, or move the desired time for repotting.

Basic fertilizer
Eazy The plug is equipped by us with a basic fertilizer, so that the Plant supplied for the first 2-3 weeks. By building (buffer) of the cube can not really lead to too much fertilizer, so you can even, from the beginning, with no problems, add fertilizer.

Compatible with rock wool and other growing media
The composition and structure of Eazy plug is very well suited to the Eazy plug and easy to transmit without problems in rockwool slabs and / or blocks. Root growth will continue without further problems of adaptation in the rock wool and the complete water balance is maintained.

Stabilized and bonded dice
The Eazy plug will always be "glued" to be together to form a whole. This guarantees during sorting or transplanting a minimal risk that there is a root damage. For this purpose, it also ensures a smooth "consumption" of water and fertilizer and the risk of plant diseases is minimized. Even if it only gives very little or no roots.

When drying the plug Eazy
They easily take on water, even if the plug Eazy long time completely dry, take it easy and straight back on the water. All the original features remain intact.

Completely biodegradable
The Eazy plug consists mainly of organic material and is compostable as a whole.

Cube size (LxW): 3,5 x 3,5 cm

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  • Item weight: 0,34 kg

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