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Aeroponic Propagators

With these aeroponic propagators, you're bringing a high-tech product into the house. Originally developed for vertical farming in skyscrapers in large cities or for the cultivation of plants in microgravity, the technology of aeroponics can now also be used at home.
Aeroponic greenhouses, such as the Nutriculture aeroponic propagator can completely omit the use of a nutrient medium such as soil. The cuttings are only fixed in the greenhouse with the help of grid pots and then automatically sprayed with a nutrient solution. Alternatively, you may prefer to use media such as coral or rock wool starting blocks. These aeroponic greenhouses maintain a particularly sterile root area and a uniform supply of nutrients and oxygen to the plants. In addition, Nutriculture aeroponic propagators provide complete temperature, ventilation and humidity control by way of adjustable vents. Due to these optimal conditions and lack of resistance that would arise from a solid nutrient medium, the plant grows roots very quickly and you can repot the cuttings after 10-14 days. Nutriculture aeroponic propagators are available with a built-in heater upon request, which can help to optimize growing temperatures.

To better meet the requirements of both amateur gardeners and professionals, aeroponic greenhouses come in many different sizes, from 12 to 120 seedlings and, as needed, with or without a built-in heater.