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Air Intake Fans


Prevents climate catastrophes in your grow tent

Axial fans are the most common fans and are characterized, among other things, by quieter noises. With axial fans, the air flow runs parallel to the axis of rotation and the impeller. The principle with the supply air is similar to that of an airplane. With an axial fan, you can supply your plants with sufficient supply air and do not have to worry about your plants. Benefit from our axial fans and save money. Many gardeners forget the aspect of supply air again and again. Without sufficient oxygen, the plants cannot fully develop and in the worst case can even shrink. Here one of our axial fans helps you.

They can easily be fixed to the wall or ceiling and do not need to be connected in a complicated way. Thanks to the high-quality and stable housings, the axial fans can perform very well and supply the desired room with sufficient supply air. Powerful models can also be used for commercial purposes and help to achieve the desired heat or cold exchange for certain plant varieties. With energy-saving models you can not only help the environment, but also save a lot of money. Axial fans are useful in a wide variety of industries and have established themselves as one of the best variants on the market.

Axial fans are suitable for supply air from small rooms, grow cabinet and the Homebox. Small axial fans should never be used for the exhaust air with an activated carbon filter, as they cannot build up the required pressure and can cause an odour nuisance.
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