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Gardening Trays /Saucers

Our online shop offers planting trays and coasters in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They are produced by renowned manufacturers such as TEKU or Garland and boast craftsmanship, quality, durability and weather resistance. Planters and matching coasters made of polypropylene are similar either in form and color to the clay material, terracotta, or are available in black and green.

The planters are very sturdy, weather-resistant and impact-resistant and feature a drain hole or can be equipped with an additional outflow element. This can be very helpful to avoid waterlogging when used in greenhouses, in our "grow tents" and "home boxes," in the garden, on the balcony, the terrace and other open locations.

Plastic planters can be set up anywhere thanks to their different sizes and shapes and their light weight and are easily transportable. Round, square, rectangular and cone shapes are all available. In addition to their sleek and functional look, some models also come equipped with a cute decoration or border. There are virtually no limits to the design of beautiful floral arrangements.

If you are planning to grow indoors, planters without coasters might come into consideration. Our planters are equipped with a drainage inlet at the bottom. For one, this prevents "wet feet," which most plants usually don't like, and further, the plants can draw on nutrients themselves through the so-called capillary effect. Our online shop also offers the reliable "Libra Boxes" especially for growing seeds and seedlings, which are to be used with rock wool mats, coconut, COGr and 2 drainage nozzles.