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General Hydroponics (GHE)

General Hydroponics was founded in San Francisco, California (USA) in 1975. The company initially expanded successfully in Canada and Australia and then quickly gained worldwide recognition; General Hydroponics Europe (GHE), with headquarters in Fleurance, southern France, was founded in 1995.

The core business activities of General Hydroponics are the development and production of hydroponic planting systems and various supplementary products such as plant substrates, fertilizers and culture additives. Ornamental, food and medicinal plants can be grown in the so-called "Hydroponic System" without using any soil. Under these conditions, plant growth is optimized through the controlled supply of nutrients (organic or mineral fertilizers), oxygen and water.

The product lineup accommodates applications ranging from household use to commercial horticulture. The current focus of product development is placed on the economical use of resources and on the adaptation of plant growing systems to the requirements of organic cultivation.
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