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Grodan Rockwool Propagation Cubes 4x4cm - 15 pc, 90 pc, 2250 pc

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Grodan Rockwool Blocks are perfectly suited for propagation purposes.

  • As the blocks are pH-neutral they should be soaked down to a pH- value of 5.5 - 5.8 before usage.
  • Ideal air/water balance and strong root growth throughout the entire block.
  • Place the fully rooted propagation cube in the hole and when the block is rooted through you can place it on top of the grodan slab.

Grodan Rockwool is spun from molten rock into fine fibers and then compressed into shapes like cubes, blocks, or slabs.
Grodan has a unique position on the market because of manufacturing various types of fibers compared to other producers who cut everything from one big bale of rockwool. By doing this Grodan aims to support the needs of the plants in each planting stage.
Because of these special fibres Grodan rockwool is able to absorb large amounts of nutrient solution while having a structure that gives plenty of oxygen for a faster plant growth.
Grodan comes in standardized sizes. Cuttings that are started in cubes can be easily transplanted into bigger blocks and then onto the slabs or they can also be transplanted into other growing mediums like soil or coco.

Block-Size: 4 x 4 x 4cm

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  • Item weight: 0,08 kg
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5 from 5 Best seedstarter

I Use these to start seeds in for Hydro. Easy to use and it grows very well!

Erik W., 06.03.2023
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