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Step Transformer Controllers

Provides voltage exactly as it is needed.

With a step transformer, also known as a transformer, a given voltage can be reduced to a lower level. While the power grid is designed for 230 volts, many devices require a lower voltage of 50 or 80 volts, for example, which must be generated with the help of a transformer. The additional advantage of being able to regulate the voltage in steps is that the number of revolutions of a connected electric motor can be controlled. This is why step transformers are often used to adjust the speed of fans, pumps and similar equipment. It should be noted that the device actually contains a motor that can be controlled via the voltage.

The fans and ventilators offered by us can of course be controlled by an upstream step transformer. Compared to a simple dimmer, which in principle is also suitable for changing the voltage, a step transformer has the advantage that the speed of the connected motor can be controlled without an annoying "hum" noise occurring. The step transformers are high-quality versions in housings protected against dust, moisture and splash water. The voltage can be regulated in five stages from 1 (lowest stage) to 5 (specified maximum transformer voltage), at stage 0 the device no longer supplies any current and the connected motor is switched off.

Our step transformers are suitable for all fans and blowers from our shop, a too low starting voltage when switching on, as it can occur with incompatible transformers, is excluded here.