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Time Switch Devices

For the proper control of lighting systems of any kind, it is recommended to use a time switch. A time switch brings many advantages, starting with an automatic and consistent duration of lighting. Like that, the plants are always provided with sufficient light, even if you are not at home. To buy a time switch at a regular hardware store is not recommended, since those are made for common consumer electronics, but cannot take the high initial currents of lighting systems.

With the time switch 'Omnirex' by Legrand or the digital time switch 16A by Lumatek, for example, it is possible to run up to two sodium-vapor lamps or two 600-watt metal halide lamps simultaneously. If you want to regulate more than two sodium-vapor lamps, a relay box with integrated time switch it the best fit. For example, the relay box 4x600W NDL, is able to manage four 600-watt sodium-vapor lamps and the relay box 8x600W controls even eight of the kind.

The relay box 4x600W NDL as well as the 8x600W NDL come with an internal 20A safety, which gives protection for the operation of several ballasts. If you want to regulate everything over one control and not only the bulb and ballasts, then we recommend the SMSCOM SwitchBoxen All-In-One. In addition to the lighting, this device is able to manage heaters and fans as well.