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BIOBIZZ Coco-Mix 50L

Item no.: 11608

12,95 €
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Deliverydate: 27.09.2023 - 29.09.2023
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Biobizz Coco-Mix

BioBizz Coco-Mix is probably the best coco coir, 100% organic product on the market.
It can be used in combination with special nutrients containing minerals of vegetable origin.
Coco coir, a waste product of the coconut industry, has proven to be an ideal medium in which to grow plants.
To allow coco fibre to become useable, the organic matter must first decompose over a period of time so that the strong fibres are softened.
The material is then washed and shredded to become the familiar substrate we all know.

Coconut fibre contains plenty of air and little water; the pH may decrease to 5 or 6.
Coco-Mix can be used in all hydroponic crops to replace rock wool.
Simply fill small pots with Coco-Mix and treat them like plugs.
It is also compatible with all types of nutrients.
It can also be used to refresh All-Mix or other soil mixtures to improve aeration and nutrient uptake.

Growing in pots on a coco-based substrate is a popular cultivation method.
Growers who wish to become more organic can use Coco-Mix in combination with their usual A+B range,
as well as with the Biobizz range in conjunction with their regular feeds.

Because of the high postage costs, we have to calculate the supply of soil with a shipping surcharge, see estimated shipping costs.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Composition: organic
  • Size: 50 L
  • Medium: Coco
  • Item weight: 17,80 kg
  • Dimensions(LxWxH)
    ( Length × Width × Height ):
    65,00 × 45,00 × 15,00 cm
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5 from 5 Best coco

a good mix, just fell asleep and grew, for such a price I am surprised at such quality, I recommend to everyone who grows on coconut to buy, biobizz does not fail as always!

German V., 01.06.2022
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