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Item no.: 10135

  • mixture of coconut flakes, coconut fibres, coconut granules
  • Mat 1m x 15cm, pressed
  • Mat fits in Libra box
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Besides the regular CANNA COCO products CANNA also offers CANNA COGr. This is a line of nutrients and a special coco substrate, called the CANNA COGr board. This coco substrate has the same qualities as CANNA's other coco substrates but has a coarser structure that is particularly suitable for the experienced coco user. There is a special line of nutrients for CANNA COGr, called CANNA COGr Vega and CANNA COGr Flores. The COGr board also requires a special buffering agent.
At the heart of the COGr line lies the COGr board. This board consists of a sophisticated mix of coconut grit, coconut fibre, and coconut granulates. The COGR board can absorb large amounts of nutrients, moisture and air simultaneously, which are made immediately available to the plant.
This makes the substrate superior to all other growing media, promoting faster root development and higher yields.

COGr boards are ideal for transportation. They are delivered in dried and pressed form. In this form, they only weigh less than 2 kilograms

COGr is a new and revolutionary coconut product line for plant cultivation. It is perfect for the experienced and demanding grower.

Advantages of CANNA COGr:
- Total control. A grower can buffer, administer the nutrients and even determine how long he/she lets the plants grow or bloom. This way, yields can be vastly improved.
- Higher yields. The airy structure of the COGr board makes higher yields possible with less nutrients.

Manufacturers: Canna
Product weight: 1,70 Kg


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Best coco

Top performance. Very compact and easy to use. This is my preferred coco at all times.


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