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Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Grow Tent Kit 600W - 120x120x200 cm

Item no.: 14995

  • Complete 600W grow kit solution for growth and flower phase
  • Carefully curated package of top-quality branded products
  • Reliable air extraction system included
  • Energy and space-saving setup
  • Competitive pricing compared to buying each product separately
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Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS120 Grow Box Kit 600W Dual: for that little extra in space and yield!

This grow box kit is specifically designed for indoor growers who are looking for extra room to play A Secret Jardin HS120 R2.00 grow box can fit anywhere in the house, whether it's under the stairs, in the broom cupboard, bedroom, or a dead corner in the living room, but has 0.44m² additional grow surface compared to standard size grow tents. The growing area provided, combined with the 600W HPS Dual grow light, is sufficient for nine up to sixteen plants. Secret Jardin grow tents are known for their low-budget, entry-level models only equipped with the essential features. However, this may not necessarily be a disadvantage if you have modest requirements for your grow tent and its intended purpose. All Secret Jardin models have the usual light-proof black fabric on the outside and a high-reflective silver coating on the inside. Sufficient ventilation inlets and outlets are available for setting an optimal climate in the growing environment, and an inlet for power cables has also been taken into account.

For this set we selected the Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 600W. This type of grow light is economical yet still provides powerful lighting, particularly suited for both the vegatative and flowering phase. To maintain a balanced climate within the grow tent and effectively remove hot and humid air, we've included an air extraction set with a carbon filter and extraction fan from Prima Klima. With the Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS120 Grow Box Kit 600W HPS Dual, you can be assured of achieving a perfect balance between quality and quantity in your indoor grow project.

Benefit from a lower price when you order everything as one set, instead of purchasing all products separately!

Features of the Hydro Shoot HS120:

  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 120x120x200 cm
  • Frame of round aluminium profiles Ø 19mm (click system)
  • 1x Window 30x20 cm
  • 1x Entrance (lockable with thick 8mm zippers)
  • 2x Ventilation in/out: Ø 230mm
  • 1x Cable inlet ø 75mm
  • Surface area: 1.44m²
  • Volume: ± 2.88m³
  • Reflection coefficient: approx. 98%
  • Light and waterproof
  • Sturdy frame, loadable up to 15kg
  • Fast and easy to assemble: 15 minutes, check this video for instructions
  • Weight: 8.5Kg

Products included in this Secret Jardin Grow Box Kit 600W HPS Dual:

  • 1x Hydro Shoot Growbox HS120, 120x120x200 cm
  • 1x Extraction fan Prima Klima 360m³/h, ø 125mm
  • 1x Carbon filter Prima Klima Eco 420m³/h, ø 125mm
  • 1x Alu ducting ø 127mm (5mtr in one piece)
  • 3x Universal hose clamps ø60 to 165mm
  • 1x Mains cable approx. 2mtr, 1.5mm²
  • 1x Extension cable 5mtr (for cable set)
  • 1x Sunmaster Dual Spektrum 600W HPS (growth and flowering)
  • 1x Ballast 600W for HPS or MH bulb
  • 1x Euro Reflector with E40 fitting
  • 1x Legrand Omnirex timer
  • 1x Fixation straps - Set of 4
  • 1x Suspension kit for lighting, maximum load up to 5Kg


The grow light components of this grow box kit is delivered unassembled. For optimal safety and performance, we recommend having the components connected by a certified technician.

Additional products

What you definitely shouldn't forget about for a successful start is the right grow medium, a propagator and possibly a suitable heating system for the cold months.
For healthy growth and thriving plants, we recommend to combine this Grow Box Kit with a suitable potting soil or coco substrate. It's advisable to replace/refresh the potting soil or coco substrate at least once a year, or after maximum 3-4 cycles. Prolonged use of the same substrate can lead to the development of pests and plagues, which can have a negative impact on your plants. We offer substrates from reputable manufacturers such as Biobizz, Canna, Plagron and Hesi which are specifically tailored to the needs of your favorite plants. These substrates provide integrated fertilizers that meet the plants' initial nutritional requirements, contributing significantly to optimal root growth and successful plant development.
BioBizz All-Mix is, for example, a highly pre-fertilized substrate and stimulates a fertile rhizosphere with active microorganisms. On the other hand, the Light-Mix variant of BioBizz is lightly pre-fertilized and ideal for cuttings, seedlings, and young plants.

Choose the right nutrients, your plants will appreciate it!

Properly dosed and applied plantfood is crucial for the health of your plants. Without the necessary nutrients, you hinder the development of healthy foliage and compromise the optimal development of aromas and flavors in your crops. You can choose between natural, organic plantfood or opt for a mineral fertilizer solution. Choose the fertilizer method that suits you best.
With such a wide range of options and choices, doesn't your gardening heart beat a little faster? Now, all you have to do is place your order. If you're still not entirely sure about what you want and could use some advice: you can always give us a call, send us an email, or simply drop by if you're in the area. We're more than happy to assist you, as we have been doing this line of work since many years.

Hydro Shoot HS120

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