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Electronic Ballasts

Dims the light. Increases efficiency.

Ballasts are required to operate gas discharge and fluorescent lamps for current limitation. They prevent the discharge current from rising unchecked by the required impact ionisation, which would destroy the lamp or trip the fuse.

In addition to magnetic ballasts, which require a so-called starter, electronic ballasts are also used, some of which have recently become switchable and therefore dimmable. Electronic ballasts have the advantage that they require a lower amperage and produce a higher output despite their lower power consumption, which is reflected in a higher luminous intensity (lumen). Electronic ballasts also have better light quality than magnetic ballasts. This is particularly evident in their freedom from flicker.

Unlike before, the latest generation of ballasts is switchable. Electronic ballasts with a superlumen switch are dimmable and enable a noticeably higher output. The switchable devices can be adapted to the environment and provide improved results in the flowering phase of the irradiated plants. The use of such electronic ballasts is particularly advantageous as they can be controlled depending on daylight and are therefore particularly efficient.

The latest generation of electronic ballasts is not only dimmable, but also offers better quality and safety. Most of the devices are equipped with an automatic switch-off system, which intervenes, for example, in the event of a short circuit, a faulty lamp or a missing lamp. In addition, the modern ballasts are electromagnetically shielded and have reduced noise emission.
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