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Regulate air humidity

In this category of our online shop we offer several products for the regulation of the humidity, which is an important factor of plant cultivation. Too dry or too humid air can have fatal consequences, especially for young plants. That’s why you find here everything you need, to supply your plants with the optimal conditions.

We have any kind from ultrasonic air humidifier to combined or individual thermometers and hygrometers available. Our hygrometers do not just contain an external sensor for the measurement of the humidity, but also a memory function, so that you can easily compare the different values. In addition, they are often combined with a thermometer. For plants from tropical regions we suggest a mist generator or ultrasonic air humidifier. For both we also offer replacement membranes, so you only have to buy replacement parts instead of having to replace the whole device.

Depending on the requirements there is a big air humidifier with an 8 l capacity, or a smaller one with a 2,6 l capacity, available. For those plants, that prefer it a little bit more dry, the dehumidifier is the perfect solution. Beyond that, we also provide you with a digital humidifier controller, including a waterproof housing, which gets installed between the device and the power supply, to keep your conservatory (winter garden) constantly moist.