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Lighting Kits Dual for Growth and Bloom

Optimal lighting whatever the straight growth phase is.

You are an enthusiastic home gardener, but you are still looking for the right lighting for your plant nursery? Then we have the right solution for you. Because the Dual light source helps your plants to flower as well as to grow. The Dual lamp combines a sodium vapour lamp and a metal halide lamp in just one lamp. In contrast to the Dual light source, the standard light source has either only blue or only yellow/red light. The Dual bulb can do both and thus helps your plants and your wallet.

But what are the low-cost alternatives? The Dual Spectrum lamp is an ideal choice. Because these are available in different strengths and at different prices: 250 watts, 400 watts or 600 watts. If you use the Dual Spectrum lamp, you have some advantages over standard HPS lamps. The lamp Dual Spectrum contains 25% blue and 75% red light and achieves a higher performance. The new Dual Spectrum lamp is an innovative lamp that gives your plants the right light frequency to help your plant nursery with the important waxing and flowering phases.

This special lamp provides real added value by producing thicker stems, greater plant density, larger leaves, and increased chlorophyll production to grow healthier and more environmentally friendly plants.
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