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BIOBIZZ Fish-Mix organic grow fertilizer 1 L

Item no.: 10326

  • Includes organic fish parts and sugar beet extract
  • Supports the growth of all living organisms in the substrate
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Deliverydate: 21.06.2024 - 25.06.2024

What is Fish-Mix?

BIOBIZZ Fish-Mix is a super-concentrated mixture of organic hydrolysed fish emulsion obtained from fish from the North Sea and vinasse, a sugar beet extract of Dutch origin. Fish-Mix is usually used by home gardeners in two different ways: First, it can serve as an alternative to Bio-Grow if you want to grow a plant in your garden or on your balcony. Secondly, Fish-Mix is a popular choice for indoor growers aiming for an explosive growth phase, or for gardeners who want to grow their plants with Scrog or Supercrop. Above all, the presence of Fish Emulsion Protein is a great advantage for indoor and outdoor growing: it quickly enriches full soil, coco substrates and soil mixes with additional microlife and fanatical beneficial bacteria. Rarely will you experience such a vigorous indoor growing season, and you can also look forward to huge greens and heads of lettuce in the vegetable garden if you use Fish-Mix for outdoor growing. To meet the strict requirements of BIOBIZZ organic certification, the fish emulsion in Fish-Mix is not extracted with acids or stabilised with the synthetic preservative BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene).

How to use Fish-Mix correctly?

As with BIOBIZZ Bio-Grow, you start using Fish-Mix as soon as your cuttings or seedlings have taken root and are about 10-15 cm high. From then on, use a dosage of 1 ml per litre. Fish-Mix can also be used as a foliar fertiliser until the second week of the flowering phase at the latest. It can therefore also be a useful product when caring for mother plants or if you want to give your plants an extra boost during the growth phase. If you want to use Fish-Mix as a foliar fertiliser, also use a dosage of 1 ml per litre of water. As soon as the flowering phase begins, you can increase the dosage to 2 to 4 ml per litre with lightly fertilised soil such as BIOBIZZ Light-Mix. With heavily fertilised soil mixes such as BIOBIZZ All-Mix, the dosage remains at 1 ml per litre throughout the flowering period. Add Fish-Mix with every watering. For more information, visit the website, where you can also download the cultivation plan.


  • With heavily fertilised soil such as Biobizz All-Mix about 1ml per litre of water.
  • With lightly fertilised soil such as Biobizz Light-Mix about 2-4 ml per litre of water.

Tip: Follow the quantity instructions on the packaging to achieve the best results!

What is actually the difference between Fish-Mix and Bio-Grow?

Biobizz Fish-Mix and Bio-Grow both contain vinasse, are both primarily intended for the growth phase and both also support the flowering phase of your plants. The fact that BIOBIZZ advises you to use a growth fertiliser in the flowering phase is unique in itself, but then you also have the choice between TWO different options? Let's take a look at the benefits and applications of the two products: Fish-Mix is mainly used for crops with a longer growing period. This can be the case if you grow outdoors and depend on the seasons, or if you use low-stress training, scrogg techniques or supercropping in your home growing. Fish-Mix is definitely the strongest plant food in the BIOBIZZ range and therefore extremely effective for building a strong foundation for your plants before they enter the flowering phase. Bio-Grow works differently in this respect: it is mainly used indoors, where the growing phase is slightly shorter (2-4 weeks). In the flowering phase, Bio-Grow supports the flowering plants and the substrate with sugars and carbohydrates and can therefore be considered a flavour enhancer. In short: You want a longer and explosive growth phase and bigger plants? Then use Fish-Mix. If you want fast growing plants or autoflowers and taste is the deciding factor, then Bio-Grow is the better choice. Do you secretly want a bit of both? That is also possible: start with Fish-Mix in the growth phase, up to and including the second week of flowering. Then switch to Bio-Grow. Good luck with your choice!

Natural organic ingredients instead of chemical salts

Like all BIOBIZZ products, Fish-Mix is 100% certified organic and suitable for all forms of organic farming and horticulture. So if you want to start growing herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers and ornamental plants, choosing a natural organic plant fertiliser is the best choice. Not only for your favourite plants, but also for your own health and a more sustainable society. With BIOBIZZ products you will discover the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

N-P-K ratio: 5-1-4

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5 from 5 recomend fishmix

I recommend this fertilizer for outdoor use, strengthens the plant, for this money one of the best fertilizers

German V., 26.05.2022
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