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Neon Tubes


For more photosynthesis - let plants look into the tube.

An optimal light supply is crucial for the healthy growth of your plants, because light is the basis for photosynthesis. A fluorescent tube, or LSR lamp for short, is very suitable for illuminating plants and is mainly used for indoor cultivation of cuttings, seedlings and young plants. In addition, it is often used for hibernation and basic care of tub plants and more exotic plants. The light spectrum of the tubes ranges, depending on the lamp, from blue-white (ideal for the growth phase) to red-yellow (ideal for the flowering phase).

Neon tubes make sense.

The main advantage of a fluorescent tube is its low power consumption and low purchase costs - especially when compared to energy-saving and sodium vapour lamps. Fluorescent tubes, like most plant growing lighting, are available in a range of colours. The correct colour temperature for photosynthesis and stimulated growth is primarily provided by cold white light, also known as cold white. The warm white light colour with an increased red component is mostly used in the flowering phase of plants.

That your lamp does not get out of its socket.

Fluorescent tubes are available in different lumens and lengths. They require special plug-in sockets, which are usually standardised to G14 or G5. These sockets are also available in practical fittings versions with several slots. The neon tubes are not screwed in, but latched in on both sides. By the way, the smaller design of the fluorescent tube is the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL = Compact Fluorescent Lamp for short).

To further increase the luminous efficacy of luminaires, it is worth using a reflector or lamp socket with integrated reflector. Reflectors distribute the light of the lamps easily in your growbox. The right substrates and an irrigation system tailored to the needs of the plant are additional equipment not to be missed in indoor growing.
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