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SONODEC Acoustic Ducting ø127mm, Length 3 meter

Item no.: 10198

  • Soundproofed, opaque and flexible
  • Insulating wool layer 25mm
  • 3 metre piece
  • Temperature range from -30° to +140 °C
  • Max. Operating pressure +2000 Pa
20,90 €
6,97 € per 1 m
incl. VAT , plus shipping costs
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sound-insulated, opaque and flexible ventilation hose from Sonodec

The Sonodec series consists of a fully flexible, perforated aluminum laminate inner tube, an acoustic and thermal Insulating wool layer (25mm thick) and a glass-reinforced outer sheath. Sonodec prevents the formation of condensate and reduces installation noises.

An overview of details:

  • inside hose: aluminium/polyester laminate
  • Barrier layer: Polyester barrier layer
  • Insulation wool blanket: 25mm, 16 kg/m3
  • Outer jacket: aluminium/polyester laminated
  • R value insulating wool: 0.69 m2K/W
  • Temperature range (°C): inner hose: -30/+140, outer hose: -30/+140
  • maximum operating pressure (Pa): +2000
  • Minimum bending radius: 0.54 X ø + thickness of insulation wool
  • material structure: perforated aluminium laminate / polyester barrier layer / insulating wool / aluminium laminate


  • can easily be cut to the desired length and glued on both sides (e.g. with a silencer)
  • can be used as a silencer
  • No special tools for cutting or fixing required
  • delivered 3 meters in one piece
  • Simple installation, suitable for round or oval connections
  • No toxic gases are released in the event of fire
  • The products have been tested for fire resistance

  • Manufacturer:
    DEC International®
  • Diameter: 127 mm
  • Item weight: 1,95 kg
  • Dimensions(LxWxH)
    ( Length ):
    300,00 cm

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