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Coco fertilzer, coco mat or coco bricks - all three have one thing in common: coco substrate. All coco fertilizer products are enriched with plant active vital substances which keep the flora of the soil healthy and increase the energy of the plant. The usage is dead easy: just fill a barrel with water, add coco fertilizer and mix it. Control the ph-value with the ph-value-meter that is supplied and if necessary, adjust.

The coco mat is a fiber-free, constant product which has a complex water-to-air-system and is free of chemical admixtures. This premium product is especially used for fast-growing plants. The advantage of this ecofriendly mat lies in the reusability and the significant yield-and quality enhancement of the plants.

The CocoStar coconut bale 70 liter weighs just 5kg and is ready to transport. By adding 18 liter water, the bale can be converted to 70-75 liter of ready-to-use high-quality coconut substrate. The substrate contains natural Trichoderma fungi which promotes the uptake of nutrients and increases the vitality of the plant.

Coconut bricks by Romberg are ideally suited for the breeding of young plants - the brick has to get hydrated to create coco coir. The coco set includes everything you need for a successful coco-breeding.
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