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BioTabs Starterbox 100% Organic

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The organic "plant and blossom method" by Bio Tabs counts on an extra diverse and unique combination of valuable hummus, useful micro-organisms and symbiotic fungi. It generates a rich harvest with excellent texture, extremely tasty sweetness and special characteristics. BioTabs.eu BV is specialized in the isolation and conservation of useful bacteria and fungi through a proven and precise method, which preserves the effectiveness. BioTabs made it possible to grow pure mycorrhiza-spores and let them dry up during the germination process. The bacteria and fungi are alive; they are solely put into a resting state. As soon as the bacteria get in contact with water, they wake up and start to propagate. The company BioTabs.eu BV gives a guarantee for their products over a period of 3 years.

- Organic cultivation
- Natural taste
- No pH- and conductivity measurement necessary
- Exclusive usage of tap water
- Used soil can be reused
- Big roots, lush fruits, rich harvest
- For indoors and outdoors

Ingredients Biotabs starter-kit:
- Bactrex: 25 gr.
- Mycotrex: 50 gr.
- BioTabs: 10 tabs
- Orgatrex: 0.25 liter
- Startrex: 250 gr.

Biotabs is to 100% high-quality, organic cultivation method, which works with fungi-cultures and bacteria. By adding big amounts of those, the nutritional value of the soil improves immensely. Through the improvement of the soil, the plants gain an increased immunity towards diseases and pests and thus are able to concentrate their entire energy on growth and blossom.

First Startrex and Mycrotrex have to be mixed with the soil. For the accurate amount see the instructions. Then, put the soil into the pots and dig a hole for each plant. Afterwards put first mycrotrex and then the BioTabs (the number varies depending on the pot size) in each hole. In the first week water as little as possible, the purpose is to animate the roots to search for water and thereby expand deep into the soil. For each liter water in the first week, add 2ml Orgatrex. From now on, water the plants only with water. In week 5 add 20ml Orgatrex and half a spoon Bactrex to 500 ml water and give to the plants (each pot gets this 500ml solution once). From the 8th week, plants which are in need of a lot of nutrients, can be provided with another Bio Tab that gets pressed into the soil.

Manufacturers: BIOTabs
Additives: Soil improver
Fertilizer: organic
Phase: GrowFlowering
Medium: Soil
Product weight: 1,25 Kg


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